Any temperature under 15 degrees, optimal is between 3-10 degrees. Studies show 11 minutes a week to get optimal benefits. Every individual is different, but studies have shown these stats to be the most effective.

If you are using the Optimal Pod or Optimal Tub with NO chiller, we recommend you change your water every two weeks. If you are using our Optimal Tub WITH a chiller your water can last around 30-40 days. Again, this may differ depending on use for everyone.

Both chillers are designed to be able to run 24/7, however paired with our Optimal Tub and its insulated material and lid you may only need to run your chiller for an hour or so per day to keep it at your desired temperature. Please note: The Optimal Chiller Pro should be run for at least one hour per day for optimal use of the built in ozone filter. Both chillers require the filters to be cleaned monthly for optimal use.

Yes, our chillers are designed to be used outdoors however undercover so as not to get affected by rainfall.


Optimal use of our sauna is between Program 5 and 9 or up to 50 degrees celsius.

This various depending on each individual,it is important you listen to your body and take breaks and drink water throughout your session. Depending on your heat tolerance you could spend anywhere from 15-45 minutes in the Optimal Sauna to enjoy the benefits.

Yes, our Optimal Sauna is weatherproof so can be used both indoors and outdoors. If using outdoors however please bring inside in extreme weather conditions.


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